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Alternative Links and Mirror Links

Bettors from Asian countries now have an alternative way of finding their desired betting site through alternative links. These mirror links are there in case the original site is down or is facing some technical issues. That way, players can get to their betting opportunities at any time, no matter the situation.

Bonuses of the Best Betting Sites in the World

Most of the sites that people want to wager with have specific welcome bonuses. It allows users to get something as a starting point and get their betting adventure on the way. Most brands compete against one another by offering various types of bonuses to possible users.

Based on the offer, interested people can determine which site has the most suitable welcome offer for them. There is where alternative links can help as well. Through them, interested people can easily get whichever bonus offers they wish. As long as the bonus offer sounds appealing to them, they can use mirror sites to sign up with the operator and redeem a welcome bonus.

Some of the operators to consider are.


An excellent operator that covers a variety of markets. They have an extensive offer of sports betting opportunities, including a variety of markets and even some unique betting types. The bet slip system is also one of the easiest ones to use and understand.

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Parimatch is a well-known operator, best used for live wagering. Once a person starts to wager live, they rarely come back to the traditional way of betting. With this brand, users can access all kinds of live matches and wager on them.

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When it comes to big names in the betting industry, Betway is among the largest. They have been around for quite a long time and were able to establish themselves as a reliable platform for all kinds of bets and wagers. Users can rest assured that they can have a great but also secure time with them.

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With BetWinner, users can have an excellent time mainly due to the way the site has been designed. Sometimes, having a visually appealing platform makes all the difference. Also, the user-friendly manner that the site functions boasts well for newly added players or novices to the game.

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Countries with Restrictions to Betting Sites

To understand the complete situation when it comes to using mirror sites, it is also best to know the exact restrictions when it comes to countries in Asia.


Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world, consisting of 85% of Muslim people. As such, there are strict rules when it comes to gambling and similar activities. Gambling is considered the same as consuming alcohol and is thus completely forbidden in accordance with their faith.

For that reason, there are no casinos in Indonesia or poker rooms and betting shops of any kind. Quite recently, their very own state lottery shut down operations as protests against it ensued.


Similarly to Indonesia, Bangladesh is also largely a Muslim country, meaning that similar laws apply. However, it is not unusual for people from this country to wager on sports like cricket or kabaddi. Nevertheless, online gambling and betting is still illegal and strictly forbidden.

Quite recently, the Bangladesh Gambling Act has gone through some amendments, discouraging gambling on land. But there isn’t anything that prohibits or prevents people from that country wagering away from Bangladesh.


Generally speaking, gambling in Vietnam is illegal, which means that there are not many casinos or similar kinds of facilities located in that country. However, the laws against online gambling is much more lenient in Vietnam when compared to other Asian countries in the region.

However, any sort of gambling or wagering cannot be done by the locals. But the same rule does not apply to foreigners coming to Vietnam. Also, those who operate illegal casinos or gambling dens face very heft charges and sentences.


As far as the Philippines goes, the law explicitly says that local residents should not gamble online. Filipino-based sportsbooks and casinos cannot target local residents and supply them with these kinds of services. Which is not the case when it comes to foreigners.

Basically, according to Philippine laws, online gambling can be legal as long as the destinations possess a licensing agreement with their own local authorities. All the gambling laws on each island of the Philipines target the operators and not at individual players.


When it comes to gambling in Malaysia, it is basically a mixed bag. Being that Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, there are still several laws of gambling that still persist. One of them is the State Lottery, which has been running since 1952 and still exists.

As far as land-based casinos go, it is technically regulated, but only a single license exists, making it a private monopoly for those that issue it. When it comes to online forms of gambling, the current laws require updates to include online platforms. However, the government still has the right to block any platforms which function within the country’s borders.


Gambling is banned in Thailand in accordance with the Gambling Act of Thailand. It users from playing games like poker and similar casino games both at land-based and offshore casinos. Even though there are illegal casinos in the country, participating in that sort of activity may earn a person a fine or even a prison sentence.

There are also still plenty of offshore online casinos that accept Thai players. Also, there are no laws that say that people who are living away from Thailand can engage in those sorts of activities.


Gambling in China has been deemed illegal ever since the establishment of the Community Party in 1949. Basically, all forms of gambling are banned in China, whether it’s gambling online, doing it overseas, opening a casino for foreigners, etc.

The only form of luck-based game is the state lottery, not a form of gambling in the eyes of the Government. However, the rules in Macau and Hong Kong are completely different as these administrative regions have different rules compared to those in mainland China.


Taiwan has recently made their gambling policies stricter. According to the amended Article 266, any form of gambling using the Internet, electronic devices, or telecommunication equipment is a crime.

However, while it is impossible to go to a brick-and-mortar casino, people are still able to use offshore betting sites, but they can do it at their own risk. The same thing does not seem to be a factor when it comes to Taiwanese people living away from Taiwan.


Gambling online in Japan is not prohibited by any gambling legislation, meaning that online gambling is legal in Japan. However, there are no websites or operators that provide access to users from the country. This is because the current gambling laws target companies and not individuals.

Local operations cannot operate online casinos based in Japan. However, gambling operators from other counties do accept Japanese players and allow them to use all of their services and features of the site.


Are alternative links safe to use?

Yes, as long as users are aware of and comply with local laws, alternative links are generally safe to use.

What are alternative links or mirror sites?

Alternative links or mirror sites are substitutes for blocked or temporarily unavailable websites.

Why are alternative links useful?

Alternative links provide a way for users to access websites when the main site is not working or facing technical difficulties.